24/7 Emergency Storm Damage Cleanup in Lincoln, Nebraska

Storm CleanupEven with today’s technology and tools, storms still catch us off-guard. Hopefully, you stay safe. Your home may not be as lucky. As soon as the clouds clear, you’ll need to call a professional team for storm damage cleanup in Lincoln Nebraska.

Disasters often require emergency storm damage cleanup. There could be anything from polluted water to downed power lines. Your property’s needs vary depending on what happened.

A deep clean is usually first on the list. Bleach is the item of choice. Water damage may need to be assessed. Ruined items, flooring, and drywall can be ditched to prevent mold.

If there’s been a fire, the space must be cleared of smoke odors. Fallen trees can be removed. Repairs need to be made. The object is to put things back like they were before the storm.

Having everything cleaned up after a disaster gives you a fresh start. If you let these projects pile up, you could be putting your property and even your life in jeopardy. Storms often leave homes unlivable. A professional storm damage cleanup in Lincoln Nebraska protects your quality of life.

The knowledgeable team at Tree Wise understands these situations. We’re sensitive to what you’re going through. Our crew members treat your property with respect and care. Providing you with emergency storm damage cleanup is truly our privilege. 

When It Comes To Your Trees, Make the Wise Decision & Give Tree Wise Men a Call!

When It Comes to Your Trees, Make the Wise Decision!

Types of Storm Damage That Require Emergency Cleanup

It’s not always sunshine and rainbows in the heartland. Nature packs a powerful punch in Council Bluffs, IA. Emergency cleanup handles damage from: 

  • Dust Storms. A desert’s worth of sand and grit along with high-powered winds make a big mess. Trees get toppled. Homes could need air purification and repairs to be livable. 
  • Flooding. Nebraska is no stranger to floods. Heavy precipitation can waterlog the area. When the Missouri River overflows, the entire region can feel the effects.

What can be saved will depend on how badly your home was flooded. If there was only minor flooding, water may be able to be pumped out and repairs made quickly. Cleaning serious flood damage is much more involved.

Water damage can lead to mold. If this process can’t be stopped, your home could become an unhealthy place. Mold remediation may be necessary. 

  • Hail. Ice is fine in a glass, not falling from the sky. Golf ball-size hail can cause serious property damage. Pets and people could even be in danger. This form of precipitation doesn’t even have to be huge to bring trouble. 
  • Severe Winter Weather. Wind and snow come with blizzards. You can lose power. Pipes can burst in freezing temperatures without heat. The water main must be shut off. Emergency plumbers must find and fix leaks quickly. Cleanup is next. 

Huge amounts of snow can cause your roof to give way. Ice storms brutalize trees. Ice adds considerable weight. Limbs that get too heavy snap and fall. Some of these branches could be large, causing major damage when falling from a distance.

These limbs should be disposed of promptly. An emergency tree crew must approach with caution. Take on downed trees caught in utility lines or fallen power lines at your own risk. Stay alive. Hire a pro. 

  • Thunderstorms. Spring is when this season of storms begins. Heavy rainfall can promote flooding. Lightning is common. A strike can ruin appliances and electronics. Chimney brickwork, concrete, and the foundation may be harmed by shock waves. 

Sparks can short-circuit a home resulting in a power surge failure or fire. Restoring a property after a fire is no small feat. Nasty soot stains everything in its path. Items can be salvaged by completely removing smoke odors. 

There’s a reason why you never want to sit under a tree during a thunderstorm. These leafy giants may act as lightning rods if nothing nearby is as tall. An arborist can assess the damage of any strikes and handle removal if need be. 

  • Tornados. Lincoln is nestled within Tornado Alley. Drills are practiced. Outdoor warning sirens are tested. Nice homes can get flattened in a split second. 

The average house doesn’t stand much of a chance against powerful tornadoes. Even if a weaker landspout bears down, you could need emergency assistance. Damaged storm cellar doors must be repaired in case another twister comes. 

  • Wind. This element accompanies other storms. High winds can bring down power lines. Enough force can hurl objects through your windows. Large branches snap apart like toothpicks. Massive trees are uprooted. 

Removal may not be necessary for every damaged tree. A certified arborist can tell what can be saved and what can’t. Special equipment may be brought in when there is severe damage. 

The Process of Emergency Storm Damage Cleanup

Once the storm clears, give your home a once over. You can see major issues that must be tackled first. Follow an informal checklist to put a plan in motion.

  • Visually Inspect Your Home’s Exterior. Pay close attention to the roof, windows, gutters, chimney and structure. Eyeball the fascia boards and soffits. Use a telescoping mirror or drone. Don’t attempt to climb on a roof that could be unsafe.
  • Walk around the Yard. Note any trees or large limbs that have fallen. Look for areas of sitting water. Note damage done to fencing, HVAC units, and outdoor structures.
  • Peek Inside. Keep your eyes peeled for leaks and water damage. Make your way to the attic. Remember the basement or crawl space. If it’s safe, make sure appliances and electronics work.
  • Take Plenty of Photos. Get pictures from every angle. Documenting the details of what happened can help with your insurance claim. You want the shots to speak for themselves.
  • Call Your Insurer. The quicker you file a claim, the better it will be. Provide your homeowner’s policy number. A representative can go over what your policy covers.
  • Get Professional Help. Unfortunately, shady folks crawl out of the shadows after a disaster. Look for a licensed and insured emergency storm damage cleanup in Lincoln, NE. Get on the books as soon as possible.
  • DIY. Are emergency repairs needed before a pro is available? Do what you can to limit further damage. Even simply tarping over a missing roof piece can be helpful.

Once the pros arrive, they begin taking care of the mess. The salvageable property will be cleaned with specialized tools and solvents. The debris is removed. Excess water may be extracted. Repairs will be made in order of importance.

Safety is a top concern for storm restoration crews. Professionals have had extensive training. Carefully avoiding job site hazards is just another day. Depending on what type of damage is left behind, workers may wear:

  • Boots (rubber, steel-toe, and/or waterproof)
  • Ear protection
  • Eye protection
  • Gloves (work or rubber)
  • Hard hats
  • Protective clothing
  • Respirators

Tips for Preparing for Storms and Minimizing Damage in Lincoln, NE

Stay ahead of the game by being ready for whatever comes your way. Make a plan in case the worst happens. An emergency kit provides survival supplies- create one.

The best way to prepare for storms is to stay on top of home maintenance. Regular upkeep can safeguard you, your family and your home.

  • Add Permanent Storm Shutters. Windows can be better protected from high-powered winds. 
  • Choose Wind-rated Garage Doors. Steel in these doors makes them resistant to impact. 
  • Install High-impact Exterior Doors. Keep wind, rain, and debris out of the home with extra strong doors. 
  • Maintaining Trees. Frantically calling around for help before a storm is maddening. Having a service contract with a tree service means being storm-ready at any. 

As a storm approaches, secure any loose objects around the property. Chairs, umbrellas, trash cans, water barrels, and planters can be taken into garages or sheds. Heavier items like concrete benches or picnic tables can be tied down with heavy-duty straps or cable, then anchored into the ground.

How to Choose an Emergency Storm Damage Cleanup Service in Lincoln, NE

Restoring homes requires skill, training and resources. This major undertaking shouldn’t be done by the average Joe. Your property could be full of hidden dangers. Having a licensed and insured team means you won’t be liable for any mishaps.

The best provider can be one call away. Asking questions can help you choose the right emergency storm damage cleanup service in Lincoln, NE.

  • Are you licensed, certified and insured? Hiring uninsured workers puts you at risk. It’s unlikely your policy will cover onsite accidents for an uninsured business. Look out for your best interest. 
  • Can you provide local references? Follow through with these contacts but don’t stop there. Check out online reviews and the Better Business Bureau too. 
  • How do you handle emergencies after hours? Getting your own direct 911 for property emergencies can take a load off. 
  • How long have you been in business? Established businesses generally have a reputation for satisfying clients. 
  • What kind of experience do you have cleaning up after [storms that caused your damage]? Look for a crew that knows how to take care of the specific problems you have. You don’t want to hire a company specializing in water damage when you have a yard full of downed trees. The most qualified teams typically do the best work. 
  • What techniques and equipment will you use to get the job done? Knowing how a group operates will give you a sense of their professionalism. 
  • What’s your response time? If you have an emergency caused by the storm, you want to know help is on the way- now.

Storm CleanupWhen nature strikes, picking up the pieces can be exhausting. It’s important to hire a dependable team of storm damage cleanup in Lincoln Nebraska to clean up your property. A reliable disaster restoration crew makes the hardship less stressful.

Protect your home throughout the year. Keep your property in tip-top shape as a defense against storms. While being proactive is ideal, no home is immune. Disasters happen- so does damage.

Tree Wise is your one-stop source for tree work. Our certified arborists can keep your trees trimmed and thinned. We also offer emergency storm damage cleanup in Lincoln, NE. When experience counts, we’re the service you can trust.

When It Comes To Your Trees, Make the Wise Decision & Give Tree Wise Men a Call!

When It Comes to Your Trees, Make the Wise Decision!