Tree Trimming & Pruning in Omaha, Nebraska

Tree Trimming

Our team of tree trimming & pruning in Omaha, Nebraska understands that with all the chores involved in maintaining a home, it is just as important to keep the outside of your property in tip-top shape as it is to keep the inside maintained. Many people don’t really know how to care for trees or even understand the importance of trees and outside maintenance. So today let’s talk about trees and what is involved in keeping your yard looking its best, both for today and into the future.

Benefits of Tree Trimming and Pruning

Why is it important to keep your trees trimmed and pruned? There are several reasons such as:

  • Improving the health of your trees, as well as their longevity
  • Enhancing the appearance of the trees
  • Property value tends to increase with a well-maintained yard
  • Being safe and preventing hazards to your family and guests

When It Comes To Your Trees, Make the Wise Decision & Give Tree Wise Men a Call!

When It Comes to Your Trees, Make the Wise Decision!

How Tree Trimming and Pruning are Conducted

There are some hard and fast rules for trimming and pruning trees to keep them as healthy as possible. It is important to remove dead, damaged, or broken branches from the tree as soon as you notice it. It is also very important to use sharp and clean tools when making cuts on the tree trunk or branches. To properly trim or prune a tree, be sure to make any cuts slightly above the buds of the branches. The cuts should be clean and straight without compromising or ripping the bark, which could cause damage to the tree. It is also very important to do the trimming and pruning at the proper time of the year to ensure the best outcome for the tree.

Tree Trimming

The tools used are very important, not only to make the job easier but to keep the tree safe from manual injuries. There are many typical tools used, including ladders, shears, loppers, pruning saws, and hand and chainsaws.

Some tools are standard for this type of project such as gloves to protect your hands against cuts and scrapes. It’s also important to use safety straps, ropes, harnesses, etc. when trimming or pruning a high area in the tree.

When to Trim and Prune Trees in Omaha, NE

In Omaha, Nebraska, and surrounding areas, February and March are often good times to do the pruning and trimming because there is less risk of cold temperatures causing injuries to the tree. This, of course, is just a guideline, as weather is unpredictable and varies greatly.

The trees should have come out of their dormant stages by this time, and new growth has typically not begun yet. Trimming and pruning before new growth begins ensure that the wounds on the tree can seal quicker when left to heal on their own. Some people choose to use what is called “pruning paint” to help seal the tree wounds. Pruning paint is said to seal the wound and aid in the healing of the tree.

How to Choose a Tree Trimming and Pruning Service in Omaha, NE

Hiring a tree service professional, also called an arborist, is often the best way to deal with tree maintenance. They have the correct tools and safety equipment for the job, which the standard person may not. They are also able to reach the top of trees in a safe manner. You should ask yourself if it is worth the risk of doing it yourself, or if hiring an arborist or tree service company would be a safer option. That’s up to you.

When hiring a professional company for tree trimming & pruning in Omaha, Nebraska, there are a few typical questions you should consider asking first:

  • Can they provide a copy of their license?
  • Do they have up-to-date insurance?
  • Are estimates free and will they provide a detailed estimate?
  • How much experience do they have?
  • Can they provide reviews, referrals, or references?
  • What equipment do they plan to use and will it cause any damage to your yard?
  • How long will the project take?

In addition, here is an additional question you should be asking yourself once you have interviewed the potential service company:

  • Do they seem professional and do you feel comfortable hiring them?

Choosing a professionally licensed and insured tree trimming and pruning service is extremely important. If they are not insured, you could be liable for any injuries or damages that happen on your property. If they don’t have the proper licensure, they could cause permanent damage to your trees, grass, or even your home.

Tips for Maintaining Healthy Trees in Omaha, NE

There are many ways to ensure that the trees in your yard are as healthy and happy as they can be. Be sure to water them appropriately – relying on rain does not always provide enough water that they need to flourish. A dry season can wreak havoc on your trees, no matter how healthy they were before. This will come as no surprise to people living in Omaha, Nebraska. Trees, as a rule, need deep watering about once a week. A good way to do that, aside from nature and rain, is to water them slowly and for a long amount of time using a standard hose, soaker hose, or sprinkler. This will ensure that the water gets all the way down to the roots of the tree.

Tree Trimming

There is a difference between maintaining established and new trees. For older mature trees, watering, fertilizing, trimming, pruning, and protecting them from disease and pests is the best way to ensure that you will have years of lovely shade in your yard.

What about mulching? Be sure to add mulch around your trees, which helps aid in moisture retention, balances soil temperature, and keeps water from evaporating too quickly.

The process is slightly different for newly planted trees than for established trees. With new trees, watering is even more important, as they need water daily in the beginning to encourage the growth of a healthy root system. Once the tree hits the age of 12 weeks or so, a typical once-a-week deep watering is sufficient for most types of trees.

Mulching is just as important for newly planted trees as it is for mature trees, as it regulates temperature and helps maintain essential moisture in the root ball. It also helps prevent the soil from compacting after planting.

What is tree trimming and why is it necessary?

Tree trimming involves removing excess branches from your existing trees. Trimming your trees has several benefits – not only can it enhance the appearance of your property, but it can also aid in keeping your trees healthy and your yard safe.

Nature in itself is a wild beast and, unlike humans, trees don’t really care what they look like. From a visual standpoint though, people do care about the appearance of their yard. Trees grow how they grow. Trimming them can help them maintain a pleasing appearance and ensure their health for years to come.

Trimming your trees is also very important from both a safety and home protection aspect. Dead branches can fall and hurt someone in your yard. Sometimes a strong wind is enough to drop branches to the ground. In addition, keeping branches away from your house can keep intruders from gaining easy access to your home from an unnatural entrance, such a second story window.

Another reason to keep trees trimmed is to keep branches from hanging over and/or touching your roof. Leaves can get into the gutters and cause damage from water backup. Branches that hang directly over or onto the roof can cause severe damage to the roofing material and can also damage the roof or house structure itself. If not trimmed back, you may face permanent damage from moisture or loss of integrity to the outdoor materials of the house.

What is tree pruning and why should I do it?

To put it into perspective, think of tree pruning as being similar to getting a haircut for a person. Pruning, just as in haircuts, cuts off the bad or damaged parts of the tree and helps shape it so that it can grow strong and healthy. In addition, getting rid of damaged branches ensures that the tree’s resources aren’t wasted on dead or dying areas of the tree. Regular pruning is important, as unpruned trees are more susceptible to disease which can affect the overall health of the tree and other trees around it.

Tree TrimmingTree trimming and tree pruning are important steps in establishing and maintaining the health of your trees, not only for immediate tree health reasons but also for longevity. Doing so is strongly considered preventative maintenance and reduces the possibility of disease and property damage from leaves clogging the gutters and falling branches damaging the roof.

For many, hiring a professional tree service is the preferred way to help maintain a beautiful yard with healthy trees. They are experts after all! They have the tools at their disposal to make a job that is difficult and complicated for a homeowner turn into an easy and simple solution. Don’t hesitate to contact us for an estimate!

When It Comes To Your Trees, Make the Wise Decision & Give Tree Wise Men a Call!

When It Comes to Your Trees, Make the Wise Decision!