Storm Cleanup and Emergency Tree Removal: Protecting Your Property and Pocketbook

Last updated Thursday, August 24th, 2023

Storm Cleanup and Emergency Tree Removal: Protecting Your Property and Pocketbook

Find a Safer, Cheaper, and Faster Way to Clean Up and Secure Your Property After a Storm

A storm can turn a beautiful backyard tree into a deadly weapon within a few minutes. Heavy rains and extreme winds can break huge branches or tip over an entire tree. Anything that stands in their path is going to be damaged.

Here are some nightmare scenarios you may have to deal with due to tree damage during a storm:

  • Leaky roof
  • Broken windows
  • Damaged sheds
  • Damaged power lines
  • Broken water pipelines
  • Damaged walls

With climate change escalating, it’s hard to predict freak weather events and it’s impossible to stop them. But cleaning up the storm damage safely and restoring your property is up to you.

Doing it yourself can be really challenging and put your safety and property at risk. You need to make a wise choice and seek professional help.

At Tree Wise Men, our storm damage cleanup experts are available 24/7 for emergency tree and limb removal. Our team is trained to clear all debris within a few hours to make your property clean and safe again.

And guess what? It’ll cost you less than doing it yourself.

In this article, you’ll find out how doing it right (DIR) is more efficient than doing it yourself (DIY) when it comes to storm damage cleanup.

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When It Comes to Emergencies, Call Your Omaha Storm Damage Cleanup Experts!

Making Smart Decisions for Customers

What do you do when a tree branch knocks out your home’s power lines? Or if a giant tree collapses on your home’s roof? One wrong move could endanger your life and damage your property further.

You need tree removal professionals who are trained to THINK before they ACT in such emergencies.

Tree Wise Men’s storm damage cleanup crew is available 24/7 and will ensure your life and your property is safe and sound. They are trained to take the right actions with the right tools at the right time.

We’ll also survey your property to identify any other tree safety hazards. It’ll help us protect the well-being of trees around you and prevent any future emergencies.

We take a ‘high-care, low-cost’ approach to our emergency services. It’ll cost you more time, money, and energy to clean up the mess yourself. Your safety is our priority, and we guarantee a consistent rate during all emergencies.

Hiring Professionals for Safe and Efficient Tree Removal

Here’s why you need to call our storm damage cleanup experts for safe and efficient tree removal:

  • Skills and experience – It takes a keen eye to understand the condition of a tree and how to safely dispose of it. Experts will be able to spot any vulnerabilities and decide when pruning, trimming, or chopping is required. They are equipped with state-of-the-art tools for their cleanup job. More importantly, they know when to use the right tool for the right task.
  • Providing clean and safe surroundings – A fallen branch or a tree could still pose a threat to your loved ones and your property. Dumping the debris outside your home could endanger your neighbors and drivers passing by. We ensure that everything from the giant tree trunk and branches to its small twigs and dead leaves is removed properly. We’ll take all necessary safety measures before and after our cleanup process.
  • Preventing future disasters – Our certified arborists also provide tree-shaping services to keep your surroundings safe and beautiful. We’ll periodically prune and trim any overgrown or delicate trees in your vicinity. It’ll help minimize any damage if a storm hits while preserving the well-being of the trees at the same time. Only an experienced professional will know how to do the optimum tree maintenance.

Assisting with Insurance Claims and Paperwork

A man cleaning up fallen tress in his yard after a stormGetting your insurance payout may be the only way you can make your home livable again after a storm. But your insurer isn’t going to process your claim based on your word alone.

Your payout will depend on multiple factors such as:

  • Your coverage limit and insurance deductibles
  • What caused the tree to fall
  • What condition was the tree in before the storm
  • Type of damage caused by the tree

Most insurance providers offer a covered cost ranging between $500 to $1000. However, some offer higher coverage limits. quicker you file a claim,

We’ll also create a comprehensive damage report to document evidence and help you get the necessary insurance paperwork related to tree removal. The faster you file a claim backed up by real experts, the stronger your chances of getting the payout you need.

Handling Multiple Tree Removal Jobs Quickly

Living in an area densely populated with trees can turn into a huge safety hazard during storms.

Clearing multiple collapsed trees without damaging your property further can be a major challenge. But Tree Wise Men’s team has pulled off these complex cleanup jobs within a few hours.

Our experts will secure the area before our cleanup crew works their magic.

Multiple teams will take over the project. Some may be using power tools to cut fallen trees into smaller logs. Some may be setting up a safety net to protect your property from the chopping damage. Some members could be operating a crane to shift the giant logs onto a truck for disposal.

You can count on our quick response and cleanup times to make your home clean and safe as soon as possible.

Commitment to Preserving and Saving Trees

Emergency tree removal is a last resort. It’s a service we offer when it’s too late to prevent the damage. So what’s the wiser choice? Maintaining the trees around you properly.

Our team will take proactive steps to ensure they can do you no harm, and no harm comes to them. Our ISA-certified arborists are dedicated to keeping the trees around you safe and beautiful. We will regularly prune the trees before monsoon season to minimize the threat of high winds and heavy rains.

We’ll also inspect the trees closely to check if there are any infestations or structural weaknesses. It’ll help us to act on time if we need to nurture them or dispose of certain parts.

Inspection for Hidden Tree Damage

Here’s the step-by-step process followed by our experienced arborists to inspect for hidden tree damage:

  • Evaluating overall health of the tree – Involves checking root damage, checking for any disease, and identifying any lack of nutrients.
  • Finding signs of rot – Using tools to scan for dangerous deadwood and any other decomposition.
  • Identifying any abnormal growth – Overgrown, lopsided, and crooked growth patterns can weaken your tree’s stability. Your arborist will be able to determine a safe pattern to reshape it.
  • Pest infestation signs – Your tree could be the home of insects and critters that have burrowed their way deep into its trunk. It’s important to catch them early to prevent their spread.

Understanding Responsibility for Fallen Trees and Limbs

It’s your responsibility as a landowner to keep your property safe for all residents and visitors. So if a tree that was growing inside your property has fallen, removing it is your responsibility. You have to dispose of it safely too. You can’t push the debris outside your property endangering pedestrians and motorists that pass by.

Even if a neighbor’s tree falls inside your property, you need to take the initiative to remove it and protect your property. However, you can hold your neighbor liable if their negligence caused the damage.

It’s important to consult your insurance company and lawyer if you’re confused about your coverage and liability.

The Range of Tree Care Services by Tree Wise Men

Tree Wise Men offers a wide variety of tree care services including:

  • Tree trimming and pruning
  • Tree and stump removal
  • 24/7 storm damage cleanup

We’re dedicated to helping you live in harmony with Mother Nature while keeping you safe. By opting in for our simple tree preservation services, you won’t have to worry about tree destruction emergencies.

When It Comes To Your Trees, Make the Wise Decision & Give Tree Wise Men a Call!

When It Comes to Your Trees, Make the Wise Decision!